Friday, 29 April 2011

Shuddering start to my Blogging Journey

Well here it is the 29th April 2011.
It's five weeks or so since my first posting and I'm awash with writers guilt and desperately trying to excuse my blogging behaviour.
Well!! (says he digging for excuses) we have spent two of those weeks in a sunny but breezy Lanzarote and a further week motorhoming in an even sunnier Northumberland (yes it's true) and I did try to get on line at a computer terminal in Birmingham airport to input a new posting (but failed miserably due to suspected technical incompetence and my Scrooge like resistance to putting more than one pound stirling in the slot).
Kate and Will heve just got wed and the Curious Fish and I have toasted their health with a thimble of Framboise. How this is relevant to my lax blogging behaviour is even beyond my grasshopper brain.

By the way the grasshopper photograph shown as the background to my blog title was taken on a stony path when walking through Costa Teguise in Lanzarote. I think it's the German Grasshopper which loves and blends in with stony habitats. We also had the good fortune to be walking under a palm tree in the less attractive port area of Arrecife when a large member of the grasshopper family the Migratory Locust dropped at our feet. This monster was circa 3 inches in length. The Curious Fish managed an excellent photograph and I'm sure this will be reproduced on this Blog once and if  I have worked out how to do it.

Migratory Locust circa 3" long (Arrecife 04/11)
Ah well lets hop along