Monday, 6 June 2011

A Butterfly, A Moth, and A Woolly Bear

As I wander around Brittany, camera in hand, I'm always looking for things which are unusual to me. To find a Garden Tiger Moth in a busy street in Quimper next to a very noisy and very dusty pavement re-slabbing operation qualifies as unusual. As I attempted to photograph it, praying it wouldn't be trampled underfoot it took the life saving hint and fluttered onto a nearby windowsill.

Now this type of moth has 'Woolly Bear' caterpillars, quite poisonous and liable to irritate if you handle them, I hadn't seen one in a long time and what do you think rambled across Wanda's doormat yesterday (In Carnac 5/6/2011). See attached photograph.
This one was beautiful with a double row of red spots running down its back.

Whilst I'm in mid ramble Carnac has also delighted me by having a flutter of Marbled White butterflies. Interestingly very abundant on the Tumulus of Moustoir within half a mile of our pitch. I suspect the foliage growing on the tumulus has remained unchanged for 6 to 7 thousand years and perhaps this availability of traditional food and habitat appeals to them.Now these beautiful but flibbertigibbet butterflies have an infuriating habit of flying fast and not settling for more than nano seconds. The attached photograph is the result of patience and determination.

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