Monday, 22 August 2011

Howdy Pardners!!

Its a bit like waiting for buses to come along. Nothing happens for ages and then several come at once.
At last my blog is starting to work and I have now had 4 comments.
 RG thankyou for your advice it seems to be working OK. (fingers crossed it stays that way).
Sis this years first batch of chutney is in the jars and one of them has your name on it.
CF I feel a crumble coming on.
Added to the above excitement it was our annual visit to the Western Motorhome Show yesterday, one of our favourite events.
We had coffee, a chin wag and lots of laughs with our pals Terry and Jan.  We look forward to seeing them again in October when our travels cross paths once more.
To my great joy the Curious Fish bought me an Indiana Jones type hat. I may never been seen hatless again. I've had to hide it in my wardrobe as there is a limit as to how may times a person can try on a hat and admire himself in the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

The show is vast with many delights including hundreds of Motorhomes both new and secondhand and so many avenues of stalls that I became quite disorientated (I'm geographically challenged at the best of times). Had it not been for the Curious Fishe's highly developed sense of direction I fear I would still be wandering around now.
Highlights of the show include the re-enactments and Wild West historical encampments. We spent a considerable amount of time chatting with Red Indians,(see brave outside Tepee) Cowboys (see the Gabby Hayes lookalike at the top of this post) and Cow girls and admiring their homes. Their encampments are historically accurate and amazing. Attention to detail seems to be the norm.
Yes I know it is highly unlikely anybody younger than 60 will remember Gabby Hayes. He was the old geezer who always drove the Chuck Wagon when he wasn't spitting out tabaccy chewings.

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