Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Writing for Pleasure

Since my last posting we have joined the local writers circle. It is very well attended with untypically (in my limited experience) a higher male population than female.
The meetings are fortnightly and last circa 2.5 hours.It is a round table environment with members reading out their latest efforts either against a pre ordained subject or anything that is of particular interest to them.
It is fascinating to listen to others stories, poems and articles and equally fascinating to hear the comments of fellow writers. To date we have both read out two of our stories and found the experience very beneficial.
The members interests are diverse. Some have been published, some are self publishing and many are working towards publication. Some are just writing for pleasure.
I have decided this is the impetus (thrust, push, kick up the backside) I need to reinvigorate my writing.
My writing efforts to date have been random (NB my blog title), sporadic and generally without any focus.
I am now making efforts to control my 'Grasshopper' tendencies and to focus, focus, focus.
I have a lifetime of fascinating experience and memories to draw on. I am now attempting to put this 'treasure trove' together into a meaningful whole. JUST DO IT.

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