Thursday, 18 August 2011

Novels,Blogs,Apples and Motorhomes

Been to the Writers Circle meeting (see previous post) and have come away awash with ambition. I heard members discussing the size of novels (circa 80,000 words) and have decided that if I bring all my current ideas together into a coherent whole I can achieve this. Previously I had been splitting my ideas into at least two books. Reality check ..WORK ON ONE.
I enjoy writing this blog but I do need to develop a wider audience. WWC to the rescue once more with ideas on how to link to other bloggers.
In amongst all these thoughts I am busy peeling fallen apples on a daily basis and turning them into bags of stewed fruit to go in the freezer. I can't stand nature's harvest rotting away. I can feel another blackberry foray coming on.
Western Motorhome Show on Saturday, a chance to meet up with a couple of pals we made when in France. I suspect my next posting may have a Motorhome flavour.


Curious Fish said...

mmm! Do I sense apple and bramble crumbles coming on? Perfect winter's day motorhoming fodder.

vanessa said...

Can I expect a jar of preserve on your next visit? I certainly hope so.