Friday, 19 August 2011

Blog On is a red letter day 'blogging wise'.  After receiving some very good advise I have adjusted the template of my blog so that visitors can now access 'my profile', 'followers' and 'archive' without having to scroll down to the end of the postings for this information.
I have also spent a considerable amount of time adjusting my settings to hopefully facilitate the receiving of comments. (Not easy, not intuitive in fact very hit and miss.)
 I have now managed to post a comment on the Curious Fish blog and equally exciting after also setting my comments box to 'Pop Up' (thanks to some advise Curious Fish found in a help forum) I have received my first comment.


vanessa said...

And here is your first comment on this post!

Love Sis X

rodgriff said...

Let's see if it works.

Grasshopper said...

Thanks Rod. It seems to be working Hooray.